jasmine fay 2019-2020 theta rho assembly president

Jasmine Fay- Theta Rho Assembly President Program:

Emblem:  Anchor    "I picked the anchor as my symbol because what it means to me is to never give up 

                      and to always be strong when you are going through the darkest times of life."

Mascot: Stingray

Flower:  Hibiscus "I picked the Hibiscus as my flower because it means 'Beautiful Young Woman,'"

Colors: Teal and Coral

Bible Verse:  We have this hope as an anchor for our soul; firm and secure.  Hebrews 6-19

Song:  "How Far I'll Go" by Alessia Cara

Project: Living Legacy - to plant flowers at some of the Odd Fellow facilities.

Official Dress:  Black Skirt, White Top, and a provided Sailor Collar and Anchor Pin.

Theta Rho Assembly Officers 2019-2020

Vice President: Isabelle Parker (10)

Jr. Past President: Isabelle Parker (10)

Chaplain: Darcy Lorimore (1)

Warden: Mallory Sievers (1)

Conductor: Ariel Fay (17)

Marshal: Belle Fay (17)

RS President: Jacee Cecil (17)

LS President: Ashlyn Lunk (17)

RS V. President: Alyssa Lorimore (1)

LS V. President: Sydney Raffensperger (1)

IS Guardian: Lizzie Speer (17)

OS Guardian: Aspen Findly (1)

1st Herald: Kinsley Sievers (1)

2nd Herald: Layla Young (15)