Rhonda Green - Grand Matriarch 2019-2020

Grand Matriarch Rhonda Green Program

Emblem: Fox - it graceful movement is a testament to my growth

Motto: What goes around, comes around.

Watchword: Humble

Flower: Yellow Rose

Colors: Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink

Dress: White Shirts and Long Black Skirts

Song: "Rock of Ages"

Patriotic Song: "God Bless the U.S.A.

Bible Verse: Psalms 23 - Yea, though I walk thru the valley of the     

                             shadow of death, I will bear no evil.

Projects: 50% to Theta Rho Assembly and %0% to Arthritis Program

Goals: Show the compassion and earnestness in all I do.

Dedication: I want to say Thank You to all my special Friends that I     

                             have met since joining LEA.

Grand Ladies Encampment Auxiliary Officers

Grand High Priestess: Sheri Vickrey (10) PGM

Grand Sr. Warden: Connie VanDresser (10)

Grand Jr. Warden: Evonne Carpenter (39)

Grand Scribe: Mira Pittman (10) PGM

Grand Treasurer: Jeannie Wixson (13) PGM

Jr. Past Grand: Edonisa Vickrey (1) PGM

Honorary PGM: Jeannie Wixson (13) PGM

Grand Marshal: Joyce Conger (39) PGM

Grand Sentinel: Janice Parker-Knight (21) PGM

Gr. U.S. Color Bearer: Sharon Leonard (10) PGM

Grand Musician: Carla Branton (39) PGM

1sr Watch: Barbara Wheeler (38) PGM

2nd Watch: Janis Brown (13) PGM

3rd Watch: Jerry Pittman (10) PGM

4th Watch: Mary Wixson (13)

1st Guard of the Tent: Eva Beaman (21) PGM

2nd Guard of the Tent: Barb  Heckard (10) PGM

3rd Guard of the Tent: Betty Wrenfrow (1) 

Courtesy Page: Marilyn Horton (10)

Courtesy Page: Michelle Jones (1)


Grand Ladies Encampment Auxiliary Officers 2019-2020