Grand Master Linda Benefiel’s  Program

Dedicated to: Ammon Scott, a long-time member and Past Grand Master of Colorado. From the beginning of my involvement in Odd Fellows and its branch groups, Ammon supported and encouraged me to try my best. He never considered my blindness to be anything more than an inconvenience and reason to adapt whatever necessary. 

Emblem: ‘The Heart’ represents the importance of love, forgiveness and acceptance. With love guiding our thought and actions, we can accomplish a great deal for Colorado and the world. 

Motto: The Golden Rule is found in many cultures as a model to follow in our daily lives. When we “do unto others as we would have them do unto us”, we set the perfect example for others to follow as well. 

Scripture: “Forgive our trespasses, as we have forgiven those who trespassed against us.” From the Lord’s Prayer is a key action that exemplifies the Golden Rule and its use in daily life. 

Hymns: all Hymns, because I like them all!  

Favorite Song: “It’s Going to Be Okay” by the Piano Guys has been my theme song for a long time. It encourages “Hope for Success” which all of us need when facing life’s challenges. 

Flowers: Tulips, Jonquil’s, and Crocus are just a few of the “Spring Harbingers” that encourage us to wake up from our winter’s sleep and begin again to bless the world. They bring a smile to the lips, and so should we in our daily actions. 

Colors:  All colors of the rainbow together to bless the world. Odd Fellows do the same. 

Project: Guide Dogs for the Blind in California and Oregon have provided me with four well-trained companions to assist me daily life. It costs thousands of dollars to breed, raise, train, and provide assistance to the guides during their working years. I hope, with your help and generosity, to raise money for this worthy cause. I will also distribute materials to the lodges about the group and how guide dogs and their handlers can be incorporated into society. Education about these animals, when given tot eh public, can help the dogs with their jobs.


Important Request: Any donations you might wish to give should be saved for the project alone! I do not need cards or gifts given to me personally; save you generosity for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Thank you in advance for your support, generosity and hospitality as I travel throughout the state visiting the lodges. I am looking forward to serving as Grand Master. 

Grand Lodge Officers

 Deputy Grand Master: Terry Dalpiaz (116)
Grand Warden: William 'Buddy' Goetsch (16)
Grand Secretary: Doug Pittman (7)
Grand Treasurer: Robert Hamby (7)
Jr. Past Grand Master: Chad Parker  (38)
S.G.L. Rep: Jerry Pittman (7)
S.G.L. Rep (Alternate) Vern Wolf (8)
Grand Marshall: Glen Conger (116)
Grand Conductor: Tim Johanssson (2)
Grand Chaplain: Faith Benefiel-Schutt (36)
Grand Guardian: Marianne Katte (57)
Grand Herald: Connie VanDresser (8)
Grand U.S. Color Bearer: Ken Leonard (98)
Grand Colorado Color Bearer: Fred Smith (9)

Grand Canadian Color Bearer: 

                                  Johnathan McAlister
Grand IOOF Color Bearer: Michael Goetsch (16)

Grand Musician: Hal Mansfield (36)

Grand Soloist: Faith Benefiel-Schutt (36)
Parliamentarian: Jay Fernandez (29)
Goodwill Ambassador: Jerry Horton (98)

Technology Cor.: Hal Mansfield (36)

Special Aide to Grand Master: 

                                Renee Badertscher (36)
Officers at Large: Robert Vickrey (57)
Officer at Large:Lawrence Cowan (7)

Officer at Large: Dottie Brenner (2)


2019-2020 Grand Lodge Officers