Hal Mansfield 2019-2020 Grand Patriarch (7)


Grand Patriarch Hal Mansfield  Program

Dedication: To Eugene Heckard. 

Emblem: Backpack. 

Goals/Project: Family friendly trails at the Campground. 

Motto: Let’s put fun back into the Order.  

Flower: Cactus Blooms.  

Colors: Green and Brown. 

Official Dress:  Anything South Western: Cowboy, Mexican, and Indian. 

Song: “Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit   Bag” and “Smile, Smile, Smile.”.


Bible Verse:  Psalms 100- Make a joyous  noise. 

Grand Encampment Officers 2019-2020


​Grand High Priest - Lou Brenner (1)

Grand Senior Warden - Linda Benefiel (7)

Grand Junior Warden - Vern Wolf (10)

Grand Scribe - Doug Pittman (10) PGP

​Grand Treasurer/  ( 2nd of 2 year term) - Raymond Pittman (10) PGP

Jr. Past Grand Patriarch -Robert Vickrey (1) PGP

Grand Marshal - Calvin Wise (1) PGP

Outside Sentinel - Glen Conger (39) PGP

Grand Representative- Vern Wolf (10)