Colorado Department Council

Major Faith Benefiel-Schutt Department Commander (21)

Dedication:  To Gene Heckard who welcomed me into the Order.

Goal:  Promote greater organization in our Branch and as always grow 


Bible Verse: Proverbs 3: 5-6

Emblem: Bear

Colors: Purple and White

Flower: Yellow Rose

Songs: "Come Ye Sinners"

Projects: Get more members in Proper Uniform.

Department Council Officers:

Department Council Officers:

Deputy Commander:

Lt. Col. Linda Benefiel (21)
Major Ken Leonard (8)


General Robert Vickrey, 

General Commanding ® (15)

Chief of Staff:

Chev. Vern Wolf (8)

Judge Advocate:

Chev. Jay Fernandez (21)

Chev. Frank Pegoraro (8)


Col. Hal Mansfield (21)
Equipment Officer:

Chev. Grant Hogarth (21)


General Douglas Pittman,

Commander in Chief ® (8)


Major Raymond Pittman (8)


Back Row: Ray Pittman, Jim Wiant  (WY), Jay Fernandez, Vern Wolf, Doug Pittman, Jerry Horton

Front Row: Ken Leonard, Faith Benefiel-Schutt, Hal Mansfield, Linda Benefiel and Beachwood the Dog

2019-2020 Department Council